Wersja do wydrukuWersja do wydruku

Since 2013 Poznań University of Life Sciences offers the PhD program and the scientific degree of PhD could be received in:

  • agricultural sciences (disciplines: agronomy, agricultural engineering, biotechnology, environmental protection and management, animal science, horticulture, food technology and nutrition, biotechnology, environmental protection and management);
  • forestry sciences (disciplines: forestry, wood science);
  • biological sciences (discipline: biology).

The PULS PhD Studies are full-time studies and last four years (eight semesters). The total number of teaching hours for courses, lectures and seminars from the first to the fourth year of studies is 262 hours, including 48 hours of obligatory monograph lectures as well as 150 hours of courses and seminars and 64 hours of teaching traineeship.

A PhD Student will find here well-equipped research facilities, including the state-of-the-art pilot scale biotechnology station and the cutting-edge equipment of the veterinary clinic. He can also enjoy excellent scientific support provided by dedicated and experienced University staff.

University owns about 15.000 ha of land as part of Experimental Stations, where researchers find excellent conditions to transfer theoretical knowledge, supported by new concepts and ideas, into the practice.


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