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Enterprises cooperating with the University are provided with the following opportunities:

  • assistance in the search for intern, apprentice and employee candidates,
  • induction programs,
  • mentoring programs,
  • study visits, presentations, lectures,
  • participation in job fairs.

Any and all activities which involve contacting the employers to familiarize the students and, subsequently, the employees with the realities and specifics of enterprises and of the entire labor market, are carried out and coordinated by the agile Career Office.

The University also runs a Center for the Innovation and Technology Transfer whose tasks include active support for the engagement of University scientists, doctoral candidates and students in the transfer and commercialization of the outcomes of research. The purpose of the Center’s practical activities is to support the authors as regards industrial property protection, selection of commercialization paths for the outcomes of research, contacting the entrepreneurs and transferring the technological concepts, in a broad sense, to the economy.