Dear International Students!

Dear International Students, 
just to keep you informed, the Polish government have imposed total lock down, from Saturday 27th of March for the next 2 weeks, therefore some more restrictions are in place:

  • All non-essential shops are closed except for groceries, pharmacies etc.
  • Leisure, sports activities and culture venues, hair and beauty salons are closed
  • Going out only for necessities, keeping min. distance of 1,5 m, wearing masks is obligatory (no other face coverings are permitted)

Some of you are on the obligatory quarantine right now, please respect the rules do not leave your rooms for the entire period, do not mix with anyone, breaking the rules might result in 30 000 PLN fine!  Any symptoms please report immediately to us, write or call for any emergences please call or write: +48 517 340 910

Because of the increasing Covid-19 cases please minimise any direct contact, if you need anything please send us/the dean’s office an email. Do not come without an appointment via email requesting certain documents as we are working in rotation or remotely.

Please remember the obvious: wearing a mask, keep clean, sanitize and keep a safe distance. If you have any concerns and symptoms please contact a doctor and inform us about any symptoms as well +48 517 340 910

If you have noticed symptoms such as fever, cough, breathlessness and breathing problems you should:

  • immediately inform the epidemiological station in Poznan, by phone. ul. Gronowa 22 61-655 Poznan phone no. + 48 61 646 78 57
  • or report directly to the infectious diseases ward or observation and infectious ward, where the further medical procedure will be determined: Multidisciplinary City Hospital with the Care and Treatment Institution. Independent Public Health Care Center, Infectious Department, Szwajcarska 3 (doctor on duty + 48 61 873 93 68/295, switchboard + 48 61 873 90 00)
  • or contact the 24-hour Call Center launched by the National Health Fund to get information on what to do in the case of suspected coronavirus infection phone no. 800 190 590.

Stay safe!

MSc Team