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Faculty of Environmental and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Environmental and Mechanical Engineering solves the problems of environmental protection and engineering related mainly to the rural area, agricultural land and protected areas. Students are prepared for the planning and organising practical developments as well as involvement into production and constructing processes. The scope of activity is related to rational water management, water supply, improving the quality of living conditions, as well as the conservation of natural environment, development of agricultural land and forests against human negative impact, improving their natural conditions and limiting exposure to floods and drought. Graduates are prepared to work in various economy branches including:

  • protection of the atmosphere,
  • water supply,
  • sewage disposal,
  • waste water treatment,
  • waste management,
  • land restoration,
  • civil engineering,
  • spatial planning
  • protection of water and soil resources.

After graduation students often work in different levels of administration and various governmental institutions as well as local and regional institution for economy development, urban planning. The study gives also background for work for various laboratories, environmental agencies and research centers.

The Faculty employs over 100 staff employees, including 65 scientists. Approximately 1000 students conduct education.


Research units:

  • Department of Biosystem Engineering
  • Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, 
  • Department of Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineering,          
  • Department of Soil Science, Land Reclamation and Geodesy,  
  • Department of Construction and Geoengineering, 
  • Department of Land Improvement, Environmental Development and Spatial Management.


Collegium Maximum
Wojska Polskiego 28 Street, rooms 215, 216, 217
tel. 61-848-7124, 7103, 7073