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Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition performs research activity and academic studies in the fields related to:

  • food technology,
  • food quality and safety,
  • human nutrition,
  • commodity science
  • dietetics.

Academic studies offered at FFSN encompass broadly defined problems of food quality and safety related to food production and distribution over the entire chain „from the farm to the table”, covering three main disciplines, such as:

  • food technology and human nutrition,
  • dietetics
  • food quality and safety

Scientific research is also conducted in the fields of:

  • biotechnology,
  • engineering,
  • environment protection.

In particular, research conducted at FFSN cover two major problem groups:

  • development of new and modernisation of existing technologies for costs reduction and quality and safety of food products improvement,
  • production and characteristics of novel food products and food components using modern instrumental and sensory methods.

Examples of research performed at FFSN focuses on the following problems:

  • studies on functional properties of food components,
  • the effect of technological processes on quality, nutritive value of food and consumer preferences,
  • determination of chemical changes occurring in natural plant antioxidants taking into consideration interactions with intestinal microflora,
  • characteristics of volatile compounds responsible for aroma of food materials and products,
  • development of technologies of cereal products enhanced with probiotic substances,
  • evaluation of antioxidant properties of food materials and products,
  • immunoreactive properties of technologically modified plant proteins,
  • optimization of bioethanol production from agricultural raw materials,
  • optimization of lysozyme production from hen egg-white and its feasibility in the inhibition of microbial growth,
  • application of by-products in biotechnological processes,
  • evaluation of safety and efficiency of food enrichment and diet supplementation with selected bioactive substances,
  • evaluation of eating habits and nutritional status of different population groups in terms of prevention of diet-dependent diseases,
  • application of thermophilic bacteria in food processes and elimination of noxious wastes,
  • improvement of beef quality and consumer safety in the course of production and processing.


Research units:


  • Department of Food Technology of Plant Origin 
  • Dpartment of Food Biochemistry and Analysis
  • Department of Biotechnology and Food Microbiology 
  • Department of Meat Technology 
  • Department of Physics and Biophysics
  • Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • Department of Dairy and Process Engineering
  • Department of Gastronomy Sciences and Functional Food 
  • Department of Food Quality and Safety Management 



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