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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science is well-recognized from its high-quality education and research. We educate students in three areas:

  • animal science,
  • biology (B.Sc and M.Sc ),
  • veterinary medicine (D.V.M).

and offer PhD study in the field of

  • animal science.


The Faculty is within the highest ranked Polish research centers working in the field of animal science. We conduct multiple research projects supported by Polish and European institutions and cooperate with many world-recognized foreign research teams. The Faculty employs 100 academic lecturers and scientists, including 25 professors. The main research interests are the following:

  • Modern technology in animal breeding,
  • Feed science and technology,
  • Biology, breeding and reintroduction of endangered species,
  • Biology and biotechnology of animal reproduction,
  • Molecular and cytogenetic diagnosis of animal genetic diseases,
  • Population genetics,
  • Molecular and cellular endocrinology.


Research units:

Department of Animals Anatomy
Department of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry
Department of Genetics and Animal Breedin
Department of Cattle Breeding
Department of Sheep, Goat and Fur Animals Breeding
Department of Pig Breeding and Production
Department of Poultry Breeding and Utilization
Department of Useful Insects Breeding
Department of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture
Department of Animal Origin Materials
Department of Zoohygiene and Veterinary Prevention
Department of Zoology
Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Management
Unit of Rural Tourism


Collegium Maximum
Wojska Polskiego 28 Street, rooms pokój 118, 119, 120
tel. 61-848-7104, 7244