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Grzegorz Skrzypczak

Prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Skrzypczak
Rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences

(2008 - 2012)



Grzegorz Skrzypczak was born on 19 April 1951 in Środa Wielkopolska. In 1981 he received the title of doctor of agricultural sciences at his Alma Mater, followed by the post-doctoral degree in 1987 and the title of professor in 1993.


The subjects of studies conducted by Professor Skrzypczak and his research papers concern biology of weeds and weed infestation control in crops, focusing on insight into the mechanism of herbicide action, i.e. broadly understood plant protection. Some studies have been conducted for the purpose of the preparation registration process and for the development of practical recommendations for agricultural producers, particularly growing of cereals, maize, pulses, seed grasses and sugar beets.


Professor Grzegorz Skrzypczak has been an organiser of statutory research projects and individual research projects, eight grants of the State Committee for Scientific Research as well as commissioned studies for phytopharmaceutical companies. He has initiated many changes in curricula and new fields of study. He promotes agricultural knowledge through meetings, training sessions and extension services. He arranges the activity of students’ scientific associations, international cooperation of students and young research workers. He was a reviewer of the entire scientific activity for the title of professor in three post-doctoral degree conferral procedures. He prepared 11 reviews of doctoral dissertations and 130 publications as well as 91 research projects. Moreover, he acted as a reviewer at the Central Commission for Scientific Titles and Scientific Degrees. He was a member of 40 doctoral commissions and a scientific supervisor of approx. 100 M.Sc. theses as well as a reviewer of approx. 200 M.Sc. theses.


The achievements of Professor Skrzypczak comprise over 246 publications, including 102 research dissertations, 44 scientific papers, 8 textbooks, 25 expert opinions and published reports, 74 popular science publications and 40 other publications (press, radio, television). He has participated in 96 Polish and foreign scientific conferences. He has participated in 24 study stays in Poland and abroad (the North Dakota State University, the University of Florida, Yale University).  Results of his individual research and extensive literature on weed control in crops have been used in the preparation, together with co-authors, of the following books and textbooks:

  • „Poradnik rolniczy” [Agricultural manual],
  • „Słownik agro-bio-techniczny” [Agri-bio-technical dictionary],
  • „Podręczny katalog herbicydów” [A concise herbicide catalogue],
  • „Podręczny atlas chwastów” [A concise atlas of weeds],
  • „96 pytań o uprawie kukurydzy” [96 questions on maize growing],
  • „Herbicydy” [Herbicides],
  • „Integrowana ochrona roślin” [Integrated plant protection (a chapter)],
  • „Ochrona Środowiska” [Environmental protection].

Major functions at the University:

  • 1991–1996 vice-dean for students’ affairs at the Faculty of Agronomy,
  • 1996—2002 dean of the Faculty of Agronomy,
  • 2002—2008 Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation,
  • since 1 September 2008 to the present — Rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences.

Major functions outside the University:

  • member of the Polish Society for Agronomy since 1983,
  • member of the Poznań Society of Friends of Learning  — member of the Commission for Agricultural Sciences since 1988,
  • founder member of the Leszno Society of Friends of Learning since 2005,
  • member of the Weed Science Society of America since 1985,
  • member of the European Weed Research Society since 1994, national representative for Poland since 2008,
  • founder member of the Polish Plant Protection Society since 2006
  • president of the body that arbitrates disputes within the organisation since 2006.

Professor Skrzypczak participates actively in the activities of 32 different commissions, PAS committees and scientific councils.


Professor Grzegorz Skrzypczak has received different awards and decorations, such as:

  • Knight’s Cross of the Polonia Restituta in 2005,
  • Silver Cross of Merit in 1995,
  • Medal of the Commission for National Education in 2001,
  • Honorary Medal “For Services to Agriculture” — awarded by the decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2009,
  • 1° award by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy in 1993,
  • Honorary Medal of the city of Poznań in 1989,
  • Silver Medal „Labor Omnia Vincit” awarded by the Hipolit Cegielski Society for promotion of the work for betterment of the society in 2007,
  • Medal for Services to the Institute of Plant Protection – State Research Institute in Poznań in 2010
  • 33 awards of the Minister of Science and Higher Education and Rector for achievements in teaching work, publications, scientific and organisational activity. 

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