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International Student Association (ISA) at Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS)

With the increase in the number of International Students at Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS), Prof Dr hab. Jean Diatta came out with the initiative of implementing the International Student Association termed PULS-ISA. A ZOOM meeting was held on December 22nd, where Coordinators PULS-ISA have been presented, officially.



The International Student Association (ISA) is expected to actively represent the whole environment of International Students and integrate as well as ignite the cooperation between Polish and International Students.


The initiative aims at activating and managing the potential of the increasing community of International Students at PULS and also as an organizational and promotional support to Poznan University of Life Sciences. This process is based on the ground cooperation with students.


Six Coordinators PULS-ISA were elected from the whole International Student Community via a selection procedure. The Coordinators are responsible for the particular areas of the University activities.


Below are listed the Coordinators PULS-ISA who received the official vocation at the ZOOM meeting held on December 22nd:


Gabriel Arifayan: General Coordinator – coordinating the activities of the 6 Coordinators and close cooperation with Prof. Jean Diatta (PULS Representative);


Muhammad  Aslam: Coordinator for Science and Studies – responsible for informing International Students about the possibilities of participating to scientific circles, Erasmus programs, PhD opportunities, as well as various scientific initiatives organized at PULS;


Stella-Maris Onwuama: Coordinator for Culture and Arts – cooperation with Students Centre for Culture (CKS) and scheduling social cultural-musical-artistic events;


Emmanuel Okonkwo: Coordinator for Promotion – responsible for communication channels and promotion of events within International Students Community as well as for cooperation with the Department of Marketing and Communication for promoting English courses;


Zainab Mustapha: Coordinator for Social and Dormitories – organizes and schedules assistance to International Students in their adaptation process at PULS, outlines the procedures dealing with the principles of studying and residence requirements in Poland. Helps in the topics of accommodation and daily functioning: how to move through the city, where to look for apartments (in case some students are willing to live beyond dormitories), where and how to contact clinics and hospitals and arrange the required formalities;


Ayotola Sonubi: Coordinator for Sports and Recreation – responsible for organizing under close cooperation with the Centre for Physical Culture (CKF) sport events and competition activities for International Students.



„The functioning of the whole structure is based on the interactive interrelationships between the particular Coordinators, resulting in an efficient communication at the line International students – Coordinators – PULS administration. PULS-ISA also signs in the University Social Responsibility by ensuring information, emotional as well as social support to International students including cultural adaptation and integration. This is important in the way of activating the potentials of students, themselves. “PULS-ISA is elaborated for inspiring and motivating to various activities for the development of the University in the area of english studies” – explains Prof. Jean Diatta. „I would like to address due thanks to the Rector of PULS, Prof. Dr. hab. Krzysztof Szoszkiewicz and Vice-Rector for Studies Prof. Dr. hab. Piotr Ślósarz for creating suitable conditions to implementing the PULS-ISA project. To Mrs Monika Pennington as well as the University Commission for Election of Coordinators for everlasting support. Congratulations to Coordinators, best wishes for perseverance and success” – summarizes prof. Diatta.


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