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Jerzy Pudełko

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Pudełko
Rector of Poznań University of Life Sciences

(1996-1999, 1999-2002)


Jerzy Pudełko was born in 1940 in Chróścina Opolska. In 1958 he graduated from the Agricultural Secondary School in Komorno. Until 1960 he was the director of a state farm. He graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy, the Agricultural University of Poznań. He completed a 6-month traineeship at an agricultural conglomerate in Yugoslavia and a 1-year traineeship at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy, the branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He started working as a research worker and academic teacher at the Agricultural University in 1967. Professor Pudełko was also doing research at two universities in the USA for a total period of 3 years.
Scientific degrees and titles:

  • Full professor since 1992
  • Associate professor from 1986
  • Assistant professor in agricultural sciences from 1976
  • Post-doctoral degree in agricultural sciences from 1975
  • Doctor of agricultural sciences from 1971


Scientific problems investigated by Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Pudełko concern the following areas:

  • Weeds and their control,
  • Crop rotation,
  • Response of plants to growth regulators, forecrops, irrigation, fertilisation, soil and plant cultivation as well as interactions of the above mentioned factors on yield and its quality,
  • Seed production,
  • Application of simplified soil tillage,\
  • Evaluation of transgenic crop cultivation technology.


Professor Jerzy Pudełko was head of the Department of Soil and Plant Cultivation for 20 years, where over 9 thousand teaching hours were realised at seven fields of studies within 13 basic and optional courses. It needs to be stressed here that following the era of bigger institutes at all agricultural universities nationwide, during the term of Professor Pudełko as the head the Department remained a unified entity, with no distinction into specialised plant cultivation, general agriculture and seed production. Such a situation shows the role of Professor Pudełko as an outstanding authority, thanks to which there was no tendency to division at that department with the staff comprising 15 independent scientific workers, including nine titular professors.

The achievements of Professor Pudełko in the development of scientific staff are considerable. In the period when he was head of the Department nine workers received professor titles, twelve workers defended their post-doctoral dissertations, while twenty six - their doctoral dissertations; moreover, forty long-term foreign research stays were prepared. Professor Pudełko was the scientific supervisor of nine doctoral dissertations and 174 M.Sc. theses.


Over 200 publications, including:

  • 153 original research studies,
  • 44 studies published abroad, mainly in the USA,
  • Chapters in two books,
  • The other publications are popular science and other papers.

Professor Pudełko published many of his research papers in leading American journals, such as “Weed Science, Soil and Crop Science”, as well as in Polish journals: “Rocznik Nauk Rolniczych”, “Zeszyty Problemowe Postępów Nauk Rolniczych”, “Pamiętniki Puławskie”, “Fragmenta Agronomica”,” PTPN Wydział Nauk Rolniczych i Leśnych”. He prepared reviews of four honorary doctorates, 44 post-doctoral dissertations, 34 doctoral dissertations and 28 motions for awards of the Minister of Agriculture and National Education.


Major functions at the University:

  • 1996—1999, 1999—2002 Rector of the Agricultural University,
  • 1984—1986 Vice-rector for science,
  • 1981—1984 vice-dean of the Faculty of Agronomy,
  • from 1981 head of the Department of Soil and Plant Cultivation,
  • from 1975 head of the Sub-department of General Soil and Plant Cultivation,
  • 1978—1981 vice-director of the Institute of Soil and Plant Cultivation,
  • chairman of the Senate Commission for Science,
  • chairman of the University Disciplinary Commission,
  • chairman of the University Commission for Experimental Stations,
  • member of the Senate Commission on Scientific Staff,
  • chairman of the Faculty Commission for Science,
  • representative of the Rector for students’ traineeship programmes,
  • representative of the Rector for Cooperation with the USA.

Major functions outside the University:

  • chairman of the body of rectors of agricultural universities in Poland,
  • member of the presidium of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland,
  • member of the State Committee for Scientific Research (elected twice in national elections),
  • coordinator of sector research problems (realised at 12 universities and four sector research institutes – for 10 years),
  • member of two working groups of the State Committee for Scientific Research, chairman of four sections,
  • member of the FACE group based in Brussels,
  • member of a British Council team of experts,
  • member of the Committee on Plant Cultivation PAS – five terms,
  • member of the International Commission of the Schuman Foundation,
  • member of the chapter of “Economic Award” [Nagroda Gospodarcza],
  • member of the chapter of the Farmer of the Year award [Rolnik Roku],
  • chairman of the Agricultural Section of Experts for the Minister of Education,
  • member of the Scientific Council for the Minister of Agriculture,
  • member of the Council for Breeding and Seed Production for the Minister of Agriculture,
  • member of the Commission of State Awards for the Prime Minister,
  • member of the Commission for Awards for the Minister of Education,
  • member of the Commission for Awards for the Minister of Agriculture,
  • member of scientific councils of research institutes: IOR, IWN, IŻ, IHAR,
  • member of numerous Polish and foreign scientific associations.


Received two awards of the Minister of Agriculture and eight awards of the Minister of Education. In 1990 he was awarded by presidents of three American universities for fruitful cooperation, he received those decorations at the Polish embassy in Washington, D.C.

Motion for decoration – Personnel Department