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Jerzy Zwoliński

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Zwoliński
Rector of the Agricultural University of Poznań





Jerzy Zwoliński was born in 1921. He studied at the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry of the Poznań University. He went through all the stages of scientific career, in 1977 receiving a nomination for the title of full professor. For many years he was head of the Sub-department of Horse Breeding at the Department of Specialised Animal Breeding, of which he was later head. In the years 1970 — 1976 he was head of the Institute of Animal Breeding and Animal Production Technology. In 1952 he was granted the scientific degree of doctor in agricultural sciences, in 1961 - the scientific degree of assistant professor. In the last years of his life he organised a laboratory working on immunogenetics of horses and other equids, which as the only laboratory in the COMECON countries produced test serums. Professor Zwoliński created the original scientific school in Poznań working in the field of studies on horse breeding. 


The scientific achievements of Prof. Zwoliński comprises over 100 scientific and popular science publications. He was an author of course books and textbooks on horse keeping, breeding and utlilisation. Under his supervision over 50 graduate students prepared their M.Sc. theses and four scientists completed their doctoral degree conferral procedures. As an excellent teacher and educator he contributed to improvement and modernisation of the teaching process. His works, apart from the high value for pure science and scientific theory, were also of considerable practical importance, and as such they were highly valued by breeders. His long-term scientific and teaching activity was comprised in the academic textbook on “Horse breeding”.


Major functions at the University:

  • head of Extramural Studies in Animal Sciences,
  • vice-dean of the Extramural Studies in Animal Sciences,
  • 1964—1969 dean of the Faculty of Animal Breeding,
  • 1972—1978 Rector of the Agricultural university of Poznań,
  • from 1975 chairman of the College of Rectors of the City of Poznań.

Major functions outside the University:

  • chairman of the Commission on Horse Breeding at the Committee for Animal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • member of the Scientific and Engineering Council at the Minister of Agriculture,
  • member of the Poznań Society of Friends of Learning,
  • secretary of the Commission for Agricultural Sciences,
  • secretary of the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences,
  • member of  the National Board of the Polish Society of Animal Production,
  • member of  Federation Europeen de Zootechnic and many other scientific societies.


He received high state decorations: the Knight’s Cross of the Polonia Restituta, Gold Cross of Merit, Medal of the Commission of National Education, medals commemorating the 10th and 30th anniversaries of the People’s Republic of Poland, Gold and Silver Medals
”For services to the defence of Poland” and numerous honorary decorations. Posthumously he was awarded the Commodore’s Cross of the Polonia Restituta. He received 4 individual 1° awards 
of the minister of science, higher education and technology for his teaching and educational activity, organisational work and for his textbook. Letters of commendation from the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party Edward Gierek, received in the years 1972—1975 were manifestations of respect for his activity.
He died on 30 September 1978.

G0 years of academic students in agronomy and forestry in Poznań;  Roczniki Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu.
Poznań 1981.