Dear Students!


Students who for various reasons cannot log into their accounts are asked to contact us by email.

For the Microsoft platform: cel@up.poznan.pl

For Google for Education: gfe@up.poznan.pl


Requirements of the E-mail structure:

 • subject: "GFE" or "OFFICE365"

 • first name and last name

 • number UID (from the Virtual Dean's Office) and index number

 • private email address where new account information will be sent


We kindly ask you to follow the above rules. Creating accounts will be much easier and faster for us, so please be understanding.



Rules for logging into educational platforms:


Student logs in by entering the email address as login, depending on the choice of platform made by the lecturer / teacher. 

The new e-mail address is already assigned to each student (the accounts were created for you!):


For the Microsoft 365 platform - MS Teams module (https://login.microsoftonline.com/)

 UID number (from the virtual dean's office) @ student.up.poznan.pl (xxxx@student.up.poznan.pl)


For the Google for Education platform (https://www.google.pl/)

 UID number (from the virtual dean's office) @ student.puls.edu.pl (xxxx@student.puls.edu.pl)


The starting password in both cases is respectively:

album number ("student's record book nr" from the virtual dean's office), initials with capital letters and "_2022".


Example for clarification:


Student Łukasz Śnieżka has the number UUID: 1981 and his album number (student's record book nr) is: 11223344. 

Therefore, His login will be: 1981@student.up.poznan.pl or 1981@student.puls.edu.pl

 and the starting password is: 11223344LS_2022



After first logging in, Students will have to change the password, each must enter their own password. Could be any easier to remember :)