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Ludwik Sitowski

Prof. dr hab. Ludwik Sitowski
Rector of the University of Poznań


Ludwik Sitowski was born on 29 March 1880 in Nowy Sącz. He studied at the university in Kraków. After the establishment of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry at the University of Poznań he was appointed to the department of zoology and entomology. In 1921 he was nominated full professor and in the academic year of 1920/21 he was the dean.

He was an outstanding biologist, with exceptional powers of observation and perceptiveness. He was interested in almost all fields of zoology, particularly mammals, birds, annelids, nematodes and mites, receiving international renown as an expert on a huge group of insects. He paid much attention to practical applications of research findings. He was acclaimed for high numerous achievements in the field of control of insects - pests in forestry and agriculture. His interests included also apiculture.

The Pieniny Mountains were the favourite research site of Prof. Sitowski, and as such he devoted the largest number of his publications to the fauna of these mountains. He was one of the first to propose the establishment of a national park in that area.

He published over 40 studies, presented in a highly concise, clear and comprehensive manner. He received the degree of doctor of philosophy on the basis of his dissertation “Biological observations on Microlepidotera”, in which he discussed the exceptional ability of caterpillars of these insects to use food poor in proteins, carbohydrates and fats. His studies on artificial staining of caterpillars and butterflies were highly acclaimed by biologists and are mentioned in all textbooks on general biology.

He contributed to a broadening of knowledge on insect pests and their parasites. He promoted biological control of insects causing enormous damage in forestry and agriculture. Studies in that field were highly praised. Specialists from almost all European countries were in personal contact with Professor Sitowski and English and American experts were coming to Poland to meet him in person and directly obtain his professional advice. Reproduced insect parasites were sent from the department of zoology and entomology headed by Prof. Sitowski in order to transfer them to pests found in other countries of Europe and America.

He died in Poznań on 20 November 1947 on his way to a lecture.


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