Mission Statement

In its long-term vision, the Poznań University of Life Sciences emphasizes in particular its intent to educate and undertake scientific research, addressing today’s needs of the country and of the Greater Poland region. The main strategic assumptions place special emphasis on the University’s commitment to be:

  • a strong life sciences center,
  • an attractive place for acquiring knowledge which stands out for its high quality education,
  • a highly regarded R&D partner,
  • an efficiently managed academic institution,
  • a research center featuring state-of-the-art teaching and scientific facilities,
  • a university which respects its tradition and history while enjoying recognition and appreciation from the society.

The educational mission of the University of Life Sciences is strictly related to scientific research which takes into account new fields of knowledge and the changing human needs. The University’s scientific achievements are disseminated on a national and international basis while underpinning the transfer of knowledge to socio-economic practices and contributing to the establishment of relationships with the industry.