Dear Students,

The current situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak affects many aspects of our life, including the education process. We follow the regulations provided by the epidemiologists and the government to ensure that you and your relatives and friends are safe. We do realize the taken safety measures will have serious consequences for your education and will also require extra effort from you. We hope for your understanding,  commitment and cooperation.

Dear foreign students

As your teachers and colleagues we want to support you during this time of the pandemic. We know it is a difficult time for everyone, but especially as you are far away from your  homes and  families.

Therefore, we are launching a remote support point for you, please contact us by e-mail:


Yours sincerely 

Coronavirus - new restrictions

From 14 March 2020 until further notice, there are new restrictions issued by Polish government authorities. Please, find more information about entering and leaving Poland, food and shopping limitations, hospitals etc:

Please, check the announcement concerning restrictions on the functioning of The Office of Wielkopolska Province in Poznań (all appointments are cancelled):

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