PhD Studies

Conditions and mode of recruitment to the Ist year of education

academic year 2019/2020

  1. In the academic year 2019/2020 the Poznań University of Life Sciences will run a doctoral school open to Polish citizens and foreigners.
  2. Candidates for admission to the School need to be holders of a Master's degree [magister], a Master's degree following the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree [magister inżynier] or equivalent, or be a person specified in art. 186.2 of the Act confirmed by a respective diploma and meet the recruitment conditions.
  3. Foreigners may enrol at the School when they have qualifications specified in point 2 or an apostille stamped diploma or another document confirming their graduation from a university abroad, considered, in accordance with the regulations concerning validation of diplomas confirming the completion of higher education studies obtained abroad or on the basis of an international agreement, as equivalent to a respective Polish diploma confirming the completion of second-cycle (graduate) studies or long-term Master’s degree studies.
  4. Foreigners may enrol and be educated at the School based on stipulations of art. 323-327 of the Act.
  5. Candidates for enrolment at the School may not be PhD students in another Doctoral School.
  6. In the academic year 2019/2020 recruitment will be conducted within the following disciplines:


  1. forestry sciences; admission limit 2
  2. agriculture and horticulture; admission limit 2
  3. food technology and nutrition; admission limit 3
  4. animal science and aquaculture; admission limit 2
  5. environmental engineering, mining engineering and power engineering; admission limit 1
  6. life sciences; admission limit 1
  7. economics and finance admission limit 2


  1. The limits of admission, specified in point 6, may be increased in the case of sufficient funds in the School budget.
  2. No fees are charged in relation to the recruitment procedure.
  3. No fees are charged for the education of PhD students. Each PhD student not having a PhD degree will receive a PhD scholarship in the net amount of 2104.65 PLN a month until they receive a positive mid-term evaluation and a net amount of 3242.29 PLN a month after receiving a positive mid-term evaluation. The PhD scholarship will be paid for the maximum total period of 4 years. This period excludes the period of suspension and the period of education at the Doctoral School
    in the case specified in art. 206.2 of the Act. PhD students with a medical disability certificate, a medical certificate stating the degree of disability or a certificate mentioned in art. 5 and art. 62 of the Act of 27 August 1997 on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities receive a PhD scholarship in the amount increased by 30%.
  4. Recruitment to the School is conducted based on:


  1. presented documents,
  2. an oral examination in a modern language, conducted in the case of a lack of a respective certificate of language proficiency,
  3. an interview.


  1. The following principles of the recruitment procedure will be followed:


  1. the candidate's accomplishments in studies – evaluated based on the second-cycle or long-term Master's studies graduation diploma – the mean arithmetic score

- max. 10 points

• below 4.0 – 0 points

• 4.0 – 1 points • 4.5 – 6 points

• 4.1 – 2 points • 4.6 – 7 points

• 4.2 – 3 points • 4.7 – 8 points

• 4.3 – 4 points • 4.8 – 9 points

• 4.4 – 5 points • 4.9 i 5.0 – 10 points

  1. scientific activity - evaluated based on documented activity in scientific associations and clubs, authorship of scientific papers and communications, taken courses, internships, scientific stays and placements as well as other accomplishments

- max. 30 points

  1. the interview - concerning the represented discipline and the concept of the future PhD dissertation, it is held in Polish or/and English and may be conducted using a communicator, e.g. Skype

- max. 40 points

• evaluation of the presented concept for the future PhD dissertation – max. 25 points,

• evaluation of general knowledge in the represented scientific discipline – max. 15 points,


  1. proficiency in a modern foreign language - Candidates take an oral examination in a modern foreign language (the examination may be taken via a communicator, e.g. Skype) or submit an international exam-based certificate of proficiency in that language. The certificate should document the level of proficiency of the candidate as minimum B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The documented language proficiency of the candidate at the B2 level is granted a score of 15 points, while at C1 and C2 it is 20 points.

- max. 20 points

• grade 5.0 - 20 points

• grade 4.5 - 16 points

• grade 4.0 - 12 points

• grade 3.5 - 8 points

• grade 3.0 - 4 points

- Total: 100 points


  1. Candidates are required to submit the following documents – the documents need to be submitted in person or by e-mail (scans of documents):
  1. an application for admission to the School, specimen
  2. a CV,
  3. 2 photographs,
  4. a copy of a university graduation diploma,
  5. A declaration of their choice of a modern language (specimen) or language certificates,
  6. an opinion of their Master’s thesis dissertation supervisor (if the studies were completed based on a Master’s thesis),
  7. a medical examination certificate, stating a lack of objections to undertake studies at the School within a given discipline,
  8. a description and documentation of scientific activity as well as a description of research plans, which will be realised within the prospective PhD dissertation,
  9. an application for the appointment of a dissertation supervisor or supervisors, specimen
  10. a declaration of the head of the unit on securing funds for the preparation of the PhD dissertation, specimen
  11. a declaration of consent to processing of one’s personal data for the purpose of recruitment and education at the School, specimen
  12. a medical certificate on disability – if applicable,
  13. an application for accommodation at the student hall of residence – if applicable, specimen


  1. Deadlines:

Submission of documents by candidates:
by 30 June 2019

Verification of documents and admission of candidates to the next stage of the recruitment procedure:
by 5 July 2019

Oral examination in a modern foreign language:
8 July 2019

starting from 09:00

9 and 10 July 2019

starting from 09:00

Announcement of recruitment results in the form of a ranking list, indicating candidates enrolled to the Ist year, on the website of the Poznan University of Life Sciences under the tab "Doctoral School":
by 19 July 2019

Completion of additional recruitment procedure:
by 30 September 2019


  1. Candidates admitted to the next stage of the recruitment procedure will be informed by e-mail on the date, time and place/form of the examination in a modern foreign language and the interview.
  2. Candidates to the School, who will submit a medical certificate stating the degree of disability, will be recruited following regulations specified in this Notice of Recruitment. Conditions of the examination in a modern foreign language and the interview conducted in the recruitment procedure to the School will be adapted to the needs of candidates with disabilities following evaluation of their respective applications submitted to the Recruitment Committee together with their documents specified in point 12.
  3. Upon the completion of the recruitment procedure a ranking list of candidates will be prepared based on the number of points received in the recruitment procedure. Candidates may be enrolled at the School if they have received min. 50% total score. Admission to the School depends on the position of the candidate on the ranking list for the respective discipline within the limit of admissions mentioned in point 6 and considering point 7.
  4. Admission to the School is executed by enrolment of the PhD students by the Director of the School.
  5. In the case when scanned documents are submitted, candidates admitted to the School are obliged to submit the originals of application documents.
  6. Refusal of admission to the School is based on an administrative decision issued by the Director of the School, based on the power of attorney granted by the Rector.
  7. The candidate has the right to appeal from the administrative decision on the refusal of admission and request its reconsideration. Such an appeal may only be submitted on the grounds of infringement of recruitment regulations. 
  8. In order to realise a research project, within which funds have been allocated towards payment of a PhD scholarship mentioned in the Act, planned for a period of minimum of 36 months, an additional recruitment is held. Additional recruitment may exceed the limit of admissions specified in point 6. Additional recruitment may be held at any time during a given academic year and its date is specified by the Director of the Doctoral School in coordination with the head of the research project. Upon the consent of the Recruitment Committee the head of the research project has the right to establish additional preferential criteria for this recruitment. The head of the research project or his/her appointed representative participates in the proceedings of the Committee, particularly the interview, and takes part in the process of candidate evaluation following the same regulations as those concerning the Committee members.
  9. Contact details:

Poznań University of Life Sciences Doctoral School

Collegium Maximum, Main Hall

ul. Wojska Polskiego 28, 60-637 Poznań,

tel. +48 61 846 61 95



Director of the Doctoral School, PULS – prof. dr hab. Janusz Olejnik

The School Office – mgr Joanna Cybulska



PhD thesis - why not to complete?!

Step by step (expand it)

if you are interested to do your PhD thesis at Poznań University of Life Sciences you have to:

  • complete the necessary documents to enrollment process (see registration and cost)
  • authorized or stamped apostille your diploma (more info)
  • have a preliminary approval by the scientific supervisor from the Poznań University of Life Sciences – to find supervisor you can search on the list (PhD vacancies) or contact the Dean's Proxy for PULS PhD Studies (click here)
  • choose the research subject for the doctoral dissertation and prepare a frame project of PhD thesis with the schedule - in consultation with the supervisor
  • send scanned documents via e-mail to the address – IRO (International Relations Office) will contact you to confirm your registration or to demand more information
  • after IRO’s acceptance, send the documents by priority mail to the address: ul. Wojska Polskiego 28, 60-637 Poznań, Poland
  • wait for the decision of admission to the PULS PhD Studies taken by Admission Commission
  • use the official Confirmation of Admission to get your visa (visa procedures)
  • book the dormitory if the day of your arrival is confirmed (more info)

if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us