The list of documents you need to complete before the online registration (that will start on 1st of June 2021):

1. an application for admission to the School together with the personal data questionnaire specimen

2. a CV

3. 2 photographs (see section 19 of the Notice of recruitment)

4. a copy of a university graduation diploma together with the diploma supplement or a document specified in point 3 of the Notice of recruitment together with the respective supplement

5. a declaration of their choice of a modern language or a language certificate specimen

6. an opinion of their Master’s thesis dissertation supervisor (if the studies were completed based on a Master’s thesis)

7. a medical examination certificate, stating a lack of objections to undertake studies at the School within a given discipline       specimen

8. a description and documentation of scientific activity – max. 3 accomplishments indicated by the candidate

9. a description of research plans, which will be realised within the prospective PhD dissertation (maximum length 6000 characters)

10. an application for the appointment of a dissertation supervisor or supervisors, or a scientific supervisor and an auxiliary supervisor specimen

11. a declaration of the scientific supervisor candidate on securing funds for the preparation of the PhD dissertation specimen 

12. a declaration of consent to processing of one’s personal data for the purpose of recruitment and education at the School specimen

13. a medical certificate on disability – if applicable

14. an application for accommodation at the student hall of residence – if applicable specimen

15. an application to adapt the recruitment procedure to the needs of the person with disability - if applicable

Notice, that you must submit signed scanned documents.