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One of the fields of the University’s scientific and research activities is the implementation of various types of projects financed both from domestic and international resources. While some of them are financed under the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union and Horizon 2020, others are supported by other EU funds, international research programs and strategic programs.

The scientists’ activity is also reflected by grants financed with domestic resources based on agreements entered into with the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Nearly 100 projects are implemented each year by various scientific, educational and research units of the University.

Also, each year, research is carried out to maintain the research potential and support the development of young scientists, together with other projects financed with various resources.

The University is engaged in wide-ranging international scientific and educational cooperation as a part of: the Seventh Framework Program of the EU, Erasmus+, Ceepus, Horizon 2020, Cost, and Tempus. Also, the University is involved in research programs and projects such as Opus, Sonata, Maestro, Preludium, Sonatina, Symfonia, Miniatura, Tango and the Academic and Scientific Program.

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