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Stanisław Runge

Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Izydor Runge
Rector of the Poznań University



Stanisław Runge was born in 1888 in Lwów. He started his studies at the Lwów Technical University; however, after one year he transferred to the Royal Academy of Veterinary Medicine. In 1913 Stanisław Runge passed with distinction the state examination and received the diploma of a veterinarian. During WWI he was preparing a dissertation, on the basis of which in 1915 he published 30 papers. In 1919 he was appointed head of the Department of Education and Science, the Section of Veterinary Medicine, at the Ministry for Military Affairs in Warszawa, where he was involved primarily in scientific activity.

In April 1920 he was appointed assistant professor of veterinary medicine at the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry of the Poznań University. He organised the entire structure of the Department of Agricultural Veterinary Medicine, which received its own facilities as late as 1922, when the University bought from the Shooting Society a building for the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry at 10 Sołacka Street (at present 52 Wojska Polskiego Street – the Runge College [Kolegium Rungego]). At that time Professor Runge could truly manage his research and teaching unit. Only in the years 1920 — 1933 sixteen doctoral dissertations were prepared under the supervision of Stanisław Runge. 

Mid-1930’s were particularly important in the biography of Stanisław Runge.  On 29 May 1933 the Senate of the University elected him to be Rector of the University for the next three academic years.

He spent the years of WWII in Great Britain, where among other things he organised studies in veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in Edinburgh. In 1946 Professor Runge returned to Poland and took the position of head of the former Department and Laboratory of Agricultural Veterinary Medicine at the Poznań University. Additionally, from the academic year 1951/52 he took scientific supervision and gave lectures at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Wrocław University and University of Technology.

Stanisław Runge represented in the field of veterinary medicine sciences the trend connected with experimental research and he was an acute observer of pathological symptoms in animals. Only in the period between WWI and WWII he published approx. 60 scientific papers. His experiments in transplantation of male reproductive glands in domestic animals were of particular importance. Publications concerning this problem brought him considerable renown in the scientific community. Another problem, to which he devoted much of his activity, was related with the methods of identification, prevention and control of dangerous infectious diseases.  In the period after WWII Professor Runge published approx. 50 scientific papers and popular science articles. He participated in the activity of many scientific societies in the field of veterinary medicine and life sciences.

Stanisław Runge lived at 24 Libelta Street in Poznań in the years
1927 — 1939 and 1946 — 1953, after his return from England and Scotland. A commemorative plaque with his portrait was erected on that building in 2003. Professor Runge died in 1953.

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