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Third integration picnic for the international community

For the third time, the PULS INTEGRATION was organized in the Dendrological Garden, with the idea conceived by prof. dr  hab. Jean Diatta. This extraordinary event is not just a time for fun but, above all, an opportunity to make new acquaintances and foster international integration, enriching the academic community's life. 


The event, which took place last Friday, October 6th, had a rich program with numerous activities that facilitated getting to know each other better. Among them, workshops on bread and pastries baking, sports competitions between university staff and students led by the Physical Culture Center, and a contest about Wielkopolska and Poznań prepared by the Support and Development Center. However, it was the "Got Talent" competition that stirred the most emotions, engaging students from various parts of the world and inspiring everyone to join in the fun. 


The invitation to come together for integration was enthusiastically embraced by the Rectors, prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Szoszkiewicz and prof. dr hab. Piotr Ślósarz, who actively participated in the prepared attractions. The musical accompaniment during the event was provided by DJ Ice Cream and Bango Balenci, and the professional hosting was conducted by students actively involved in the academic community – Milena Szafran and Rasheed Saliu. 


The organization of the picnic also involved members of the Archery Section (Student Scientific Association of Forestry), with representatives of the Academic Corporation Hermesia encouraging fencing. Meanwhile, PULS Library staff introduced new students to the intricacies of accessing library sources useful for their studies and presented interesting items from their collections. 


The Wielkopolska Tourist Organization and the Poznań Local Tourist Organization contributed to the preparation of competition prizes, and our university canteen served regional dishes. 


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