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Wojciech Dzięciołowski

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Dzięciołowski
Rector of the Agricultural University of Poznań





Wojciech Dzięciołowski was born in 1925. Having graduated from grammar school he enrolled at the Poznań University, at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, where he studied in the years 1945 —1950, receiving the degree of Master of Science and Engineer in forestry. In 1953 he started studies at the Faculty of Agronomy of our University, from which he graduated in 1956, receiving the degree of Engineer in agricultural sciences. In 1961 the Council of the Faculty of Agronomy on the basis of his dissertation entitled „Podzolic soils formed from different Quaternary deposits and development conditions for pine stands” awarded him with a degree of doctor in agricultural and forestry sciences, while he received his post-doctoral degree in agricultural sciences on the basis of the post-doctoral dissertation entitled “Soils of wet valley meadows in the Wielkopolska region” in 1967. He was employed as an assistant lecturer at the Department of Soil Science in 1950. He went through all the stages of academic career up to associate professor in 1978. From 1982 to his death he served the function of head of the Department of Soil Science.

Professor Dzięciołowski, apart from his research and teaching activity, devoted much time to popularisation and implementation of research achievements, which was reflected in numerous popular science papers and talks on the radio. The rank of Professor Dzięciołowski as a soil science specialist was evidenced by him being frequently invited to train soil quality appraisers and inspectors, which was usually combined with practical in situ identification of soils. He organised regional pedological research stations in Baborówko and Siemianice.


The scientific achievements of Professor Dzięciołowski are comprised in approx. 80 significant publications in soil science, including three textbooks for students written together with his co-workers, as well as translations of soil science handbooks from English. Professor Dzięciołowski participated in scientific symposiums organised in Poland and abroad. His papers and talks in the discussion were always proof of his extensive knowledge. He was not only an outstanding researcher in soil science, but he also knew its problems from practice. He was an excellent academic teacher. His lectures were highly regarded by students. He was elected twice by students as the best academic teacher of the Faculty. He was demanding, but kind at the same time. Under his supervision approx. 100 graduates defended their M.Sc. theses in soil science and three doctorate conferral procedures were conducted and completed.


Important functions at the University:

  • 1972—1977 vice-dean for science at the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry,
  • 1975—1978 director of the Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry,
  • 1978 head of the Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Soils,
  • 1981—1982 Rector of the Agricultural University of Poznań.

Major functions outside the university:

  • member of the International Union of Soil Sciences,
  • member of the Polish Society of Soil Sciences,
  • member of the Committee of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry PAS,
  • member of the Committee on Nature Conservation PAS,
  • member of the Poznań Society of Friends of Learning,
  • member of the Council of the Słowiński National Park,
  • member of the Committee on Human Environment Protection.


For his activity he was awarded with the Chevalier Cross of Polonia Restituta, the Gold Cross of Merit, the Medal of the National Education Committee, the Honorary Decoration for Services to the Development of the Poznańskie Province, the Honorary Decoration for the City of Poznań, the Decoration for „Merits in Work for Agriculture”, the Gold Decoration of the Polish Society of Soil Sciences. For his scientific work he was given an Award of the Minister of Science, Higher Education and Technology, granted twice — in 1967 and in 1976.
He died on 7 October 1985.

70 lat akademickich studiów rolniczych i leśnych. Poznań 1989.