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Poznan University of Life Sciences takes a leading position in rankings of universites of life sciences and agri-education in Poland. Its beginnings date back to the year 1870 and up until today we considerably contribute to the development of Wielkopolska region, Poland and the European Union. 

At present we have over 9 000 dents and almost 800 academic teachers, including 180 professors. Our eight Faculties offer a wide scope of education within 26 fields of study and over 20 specializations taught in Polish language.

Our university is called a ‘green’ university, close to nature, ecology and environmental management. A comprehensive approach to education is reflected in our care for a high level of specialization in scientific disciplines.

Diverse and modern infrastructure in the form of lecture halls, laboratories and workrooms is used for teaching as well as scientific and research purposes. We offer an excellent experimental and research base in the form of 12 experimental agricultural farms and forestry stations. These facilities offer a platform for research, teaching and practice to meet and cooperate.




we offer 9 full-time, campus-based programmes

MSc in Agronomy (3 semesters)

Msc in Animal Production Management (3 semesters)

MSc in Agri-food Economics and Trade (semesters)

MSc in Environmental Engineering and Protection (3 semesters)

MSc Geoinformation Science, Earth Observation and Spatial Management (3 semesters)

MSc in Food Science and Nutrition (3 semesters)

MSc in Forestry (3 semesters)

MSc in Horticulture: Seed Science and Technology (3 semesters)

MSc in Wood Technology (3 semesters)

MSc in Biotechnology (3 semesters)


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Zarządzenie nr 20/2017 Rektora Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Poznaniu z dnia 20 lutego 2017 roku w sprawie wysokości opłat za studia dla cudzoziemców podejmujących studia w roku akademickim 2017/2018