International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff - NAWA Prom Programme


Call for proposals to cover the cost of visits to The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. The offer dedicated to foreign PhD students and young scientist - NAWA Prom Programme.

The aim of the project is to develop research and competencies of PhD students and young assistant professors in the following scientific areas:

  • the population and behavioural ecology of the white stork,
  •  immuno-endocrine changes in endometrial tissue,
  • biodiversity of the apidofauna,
  • optimizing the work of enzymes,
  • the ecology of invasive plants,
  • the impact of the consumption of plastics on birds,
  • the impact of anthropopression on the communities of arboreal ants.

The duration of the internships is 3-30 days.


Candidate applications containing a CV with contact details, a cover letter and a list of scientific achievements should be sent to the following address:, by 15/08/2021.