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Notice of recruitment to the project financed by the National Science Centre (UMO-2022/47/P/NZ8/01208)

The recruitment process consists of one stage: Recruitment to the POLONEZ-BIS project (see: the job offer within the project financed by NSC) – selection of 1 candidate

The scholarship offer within the project financed by NSC

Contract number: (UMO-2022/47/P/NZ8/01208) 

Project title: POLLINATORS ET AL - POLLINATOR StreETs as vitAL connections to maintain functional urban areas

Name of organizational unit: Department of Zoology, Laboratory of Zoology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Poznan University of Life Sciences

Position within the project: student scholarship Requirements:

a) A Bachelor degree in biology, or other related fields;

b) Readiness to extensive work under field conditions on sunny days;

c) knowledge and experience in collecting pollinators and their identification;

d) knowledge in setting up the traps for insects and later their inspection;

e) good command of the English language enabling efficient communication with Project Investigator;

f) ability to work in a team, creativity, accuracy, and reliability in research work, good manners


Deadline for offer submission: 09.02.2024, 10:00

Approximate date of competition results: 12.02.2024, 12:00

Documents need to be submitted electronically to:; however, if candidates meeting the requirements presented in this notice send in their documents before the deadline the competition procedure may be completed at an earlier date.

Conditions of employment:

A student scholarship for a period of 6 months starting from 01.03.2024. The Student scholarship holder will be admitted to the Poznan University of Life Sciences Doctoral School. The scholarship amount will be 5000 PLN a month for the four years (reduced by the social insurance costs). The scholarship will be paid in accordance with the resolution of the NSC Council no. 95/2020 of 14 September 2020 amending the Regulations concerning the allocation of funds for the realization of tasks financed by the National Science Centre within research projects. A scholarship contract will be signed with the selected Ph.D. student scholarship holder.

Required documents:

a) a CV

b) a motivation letter

c) a copy of a Bachelor’s degree graduation diploma

d) recommendations from previous scientific supervisor(s)

e) a list of scientific accomplishments (publications, conference communications, activity in students’ science associations, assistance in projects confirmed by scientific supervisor) and organizing accomplishments;

f) a declaration: I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose of the execution of the recruitment process.

Additional information:

Selected persons will be individually invited to an interview. The competition regulations are specified in the Resolution of the NSC Council no. 95/2020 of 14 September 2020.

Criteria for candidate evaluation:

a) competences for the realization of specific tasks in the research project (80% final evaluation result),

b) scientific accomplishments of the candidate, including publications in renowned publishers /scientific journals (20% final evaluation result).

Based on the analysis of the documentation submitted by the candidates the competition committee may organize on-line interviews (video conferences) with the candidates and in the case of such a meeting the candidates will be informed of the result by e-mail. The competition committee will evaluate the candidates following the evaluation criteria specified above. After the interview and evaluation of the candidates the competition committee will prepare a ranking list of the candidates together with their evaluation result, starting from the candidate who was awarded the highest score of points.

In case of questions please contact the head of the project PhD Irene Piccini (e-mail:


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