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The Poznań University of Life Sciences takes a leading position in rankings of universities of life sciences and biological sciences in Poland. At present we have over 7 000 students, and almost 1 300 employees. Our six Faculties offer a wide scope of education within a lot of interesting fields of study, including Biology, Biotechnology, Landscape Architecture, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Wood technology, Environmental Protection, Animal Science, Food Technology, etc.

We provide education within a 3-level system: I) studies for the degree of Engineer or undergraduate (bachelor) studies, II) graduate studies ending with a Master's degree, and III) doctoral studies (PhD). All our faculties have an extensive offer of postgraduate studies.

Our University's proposal includes participation in the faculty and structures of the Students' Government, as well as youth organisations, work in scientific associations and promotion of personal development through realisation of cultural, tourism and sports interests in different groups and teams.

COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO EDUCATION is reflected in our care for a high level of specialisation in scientific disciplines. Guidelines and support on the part of businessmen, entrepreneurs and representatives of the local government help us to adapt our curricula to the requirements of the market, as well as strengthen our position among other universities.

PRESTIGE, EXPERIENCE, MODERNITY-  The Poznań University of Life Sciences is a university which moves with the times, which domain is development, education, advances in science and technical progress. Our University is called a “green” university, close to nature, ecology and environmental management. Our prestige stems from our traditions, scientific achievements of our academic staff and attractive curricula. The thriving and dynamic activity of our University staff considerably contributes to the development of the Wielkopolska region, Poland and the European Union.

THE SCIENTIFIC POTENTIAL of our University is connected with our staff of over 700 academic teachers, including 95 employees with the scientific title of professors. All our Faculties are entitled to confer doctoral degrees, and seven of them may confer post-doctoral degrees, while the Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering has both these authorities in two disciplines.

DIVERSE AND MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE in the form of lecture halls, laboratories and workrooms is used for teaching as well as scientific and research purposes. Our University has rich library collections, available on-line. Our University may boast of numerous scientific publications, which have gained recognition among experts.