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Włodzimierz Fiszer

Prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Fiszer
Rector of the Agricultural University of Poznań

(1982-1984, 1987-1990)



Włodzimierz Fiszer was born on 26 April 1930 in Kiekrz near Poznań. He studied at the Higher School of Agriculture in Poznan in the years 1951—1955 (undergraduate studies in agricultural sciences), while in the years 1955—1956 he took graduate studies in meat technology, receiving the title of M.Sc. and Engineer in agricultural technology. In 1965 he was awarded the scientific degree of doctor in technical sciences by the Council of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Technology, while in 1971 he received the post-doctoral degree. He was awarded the scientific title of associate professor in 1978.


Professor Włodzimierz Fiszer was trained in nuclear technology methods. He took foreign internships at the Research Meat Institute in Longford and at Leeds University, specializing in radiation food preservation and detection methods of natural potassium radiation in meat and its processed products. Moreover, he was granted a stipend by the International Nuclear Agency.


The contribution of Professor Fiszer to the development of science in the field of the tracer method is unique mainly in terms of the explanation of biochemical carbohydrate changes in raw processed meats and in the hygiene of food production. He is the author of the only study on carbohydrate metabolism balance in raw processed meats worldwide. Using ionizing radiation he developed the technology of potato irradiation to inhibit the process of sprouting. From 1970 to 2000 he was head of the Department of Nuclear Technology in Agriculture. He was chairman of the FAO/WHO/JAEA International Consultant Group on Food Irradiation.

To gold medalists of the contest organised by the International Poznań Fair POLAGRA, of which he was chairman for 10 years, he proposed the establishment of the Corporation of Food Producers – the Quality Promotion Club, initially associating 80 companies from the food sector throughout Poland. He has been serving the function of the president of the board of that organization to this day. Since 2000 he has been chairman of the Chapter of the Wielkopolska Region Farmer of the Year competition, while since 2005 he has been a promoter in the competition for the “Best Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the Republic of Poland”.


Professor Włodzimierz Fiszer is the author of approx. 120 publications and scientific expert opinions in Polish, English and German. He is also an author of two patents.
The scientific achievements of Professor Fiszer include methodological and novel studies of considerable value for pure and applied science in the field of food technology, as well as dissemination of radiation and isotope techniques in agriculture and food industry.


Major functions at the University:

  • 1986—1990 coordinator of the Central Research and Development Programme concerning the creation of a radiation food  preservation station,
  • 1972—1979 Vice-Rector for development of scientific staff and international cooperation and for studies,
  • 1982—1984 and 1987—1990 Rector of the Agricultural University of Poznań,
  • 1987—1990 chairman of the College of Rectors of the city of Poznań,
  • 1986 chairman of the Jury for the POLAGRA Gold Medal Competition,
  • Co-organiser of scientific conferences within the framework of POLAGRA fairs.

Major functions served outside the University:

  • Member of ESNA — participated in the works of a working group on “Technical aspects of food irradiation” and in international congresses,
  • Member of the Agricultural Isotope Commission of PAS,
  • Chairman of the Poznań Branch of the Polish Society for Radiation Studies,
  • Chairman of the Committee for Nuclear Technology, the Provincial Branch of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations NOT in Poznań,
  • Member of the Council of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Radiation Technology of the Łódź University of Technology,
  • Member of the Commission on Molecular Biology, the Poznań Branch of PAS,
  • Vice-chairman of the regional board of the Universal Education Society [Towarzystwo Wiedzy Powszechnej TWP],
  • Organiser of the Quality Promotion Club at the Corporation of Food Producers,
  • Creator of the national autumn school in Zakopane on “Radiation technology in agriculture and food technology”.


Professor Fiszer received many decorations and awards, such as the Knight’s Cross of the Polonia Restituta, Officer’s Cross of the Polonia Restituta, five awards granted by ministers of the Polish government, including two 1° and two 2° awards of the National Atomic Energy Agency. In 1999 he was awarded the title of Honorary Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the Year. The Hipolit Cegielski Society granted him the title of the Leader of Work for Betterment of Society.
Professor Włodzimierz Fiszer is a keen sailor. In 1960 he was champion of Poland in the Finn class races. Among others, he received the KALOS KAGHATOS decoration awarded to those, who “in their youth had excellent results in sport and after crossing the finish line had considerable achievements in science”.

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