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Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is the youngest unit of the University, as it was established on 25 October 2006 from a merger of the Departments of Economics of Food Economy, Economics and Wood Industry Management, Pedagogy and Social Sciences. The units which comprised the new entity have a long and rich tradition and considerable scientific achievements. Al the Departments connected with economics at the University, i.e. the Department of Economics, the Departments of Economics of Food Economy, the Departments of Economics and Wood Industry Management, etc. originated from the Department of Agricultural Economics, operating at the Poznań University from its very beginnings in 1919. In 2009 the Faculty was granted the authority to confer the scientific degree of the doctor, while in 2017 the post-doctoral degree in economics sciences in the field of economics.

Research conducted at the Faculty covers a wide range of global, macroeconomic, mesoeconomic and microeconomic problems. It is carried out within individual activities of each Department and concerns e.g. the following problems:

  • integration of Poland within the EU  in the agricultural sector and comparative economics of agriculture in Poland and other EU member countries,
  • direction and efficiency of structural changes in agriculture of food economy,
  • typology and delimitation of agri-food sector and rural areas, the design of regional development strategies,
  • statistical and econometric methods in typological analyses of food economy and rural areas,
  • liberalism and protectionism in international trade in the aspect of globalization with special emphasis on the agricultural sector,
  • eating habits of consumers and economics of consumption,
  • marketing of agri-food products,
  • studies of market instruments to stabilize process and risk management in agriculture,
  • management of enterprises quality management logistics in agribusiness, real estate market,
  • factors determining living conditions in rural areas,
  • economic and social infrastructure in rural areas.

Research units:

  • Department of Economics 
  • Department of Economics and Economic Policy in Agribusiness
  • Department of Finance and Accounting
  • Department of Law and Enterprise Management in Agribusiness

The Faculty employs over 100 staff employees, including 90 scientists. Approximately 1300 students conduct education.



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