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Online registration - starting on 23/08/2021

Information for Candidates submitting recruitment documents to the PULS Doctoral School:
• documents should be submitted online only in the recruitment system (signed scans) within a specified time - from 23/08/2021, 00:00 to 08/09/2021, 23:59;
• files should be attached according to the list of required documents (see below). If a document consists of more than one page it should be attached as one file;
• files should be named as follows, with the candidate name:
o 1. application and personal questionnaire – John Smith
o 2. CV – John Smith
o 3. photograph – John Smith
o 4a. diploma – John Smith
o 4b. transcripts – John Smith
o 5. language certificate – John Smith
o 6. opinion of master thesis – John Smith
o 7. medical certificate – John Smith
o 8. description and documentation of scientific activities – John Smith
o 9. research proposal – John Smith
o 10. application for appointment of supervisor – John Smith
o 11. declaration of the candidate for supervisor – John Smith
o 12. medical certificate on disability – John Smith
o 13. application for accommodation – John Smith
• if you need technical help or the data in the system should be updated and their edition is blocked (applies to some PULS graduates), please send the relevant data to IT ( with a request to update it;
• after submitting the documents in the system, please wait for their approval (if the document is inappropriate or with errors, it should be changed) - only candidates who have submitted all the appropriately compiled documents within the deadline will be admitted to the recruitment procedure;
• the photo must comply with the guidelines contained below;
• in the absence of a copy of the diploma, you can provide a certificate from the dean's office on obtaining a professional title;
• an English certificate is an international exam-based certificate of proficiency in English;
• number of characters without spaces 6000 – not including the literature;
• if you are currently in Poland you can obtain the referral for medical examination from PULS Doctoral School office (you need to give your name, surname, PESEL or ID number and discipline); there is an option to do the medical examination free of charge in one the places listed here (in Poland); if you are abroad please, use the specimen of medial certificate we propose (PULS Doctoral School website, part ‘documents’);
• at the oral English exam we will be assessed: content of the message, language correctness, language richness, pronunciation and intonation;
• Candidates admitted to the recruitment procedure will be informed by e-mail about the date, time and place/form of an oral exam in English and an interview - in principle, the recruitment takes place
at the University (Poland, Poznań, Wojska Polskiego 28), the remote form is allowed only in strictly justified cases (especially for candidates residing abroad);
• the conditions for conducting an oral English examination and an interview during recruitment to the School will be adapted to the needs of candidates who are disabled, after considering their applications in this matter submitted together with other documents;
• upon the completion of the recruitment procedure a ranking list of candidates will be prepared based on the number of points received in the recruitment procedure (no later than 30/09/2021). Candidates may be enrolled at the School if they have received min. 60% total score. Admission to the School depends on the position of the candidate on the ranking list for the respective discipline within the limit of admissions or if they have received min. 60% total score in the case of people recruited under the projects;
• templates of some documents can be found in the part 'documents'.

Requirements for photo (dimensions 0f 236x295 pixels): a photo taken on a uniform light background, with uniform lighting, having good sharpness and reproducing the natural skin color, covering the image from the top of the head to the upper shoulders, so that the face covers 70-80% of the photograph, showing the eyes clearly, especially pupils, with visible eyebrows and depicting a person in a frontal position, maintaining vertical symmetry, without a headgear and glasses with dark glasses (clear glasses are allowed if the eyes are clearly visible and the glasses do not reflect light), looking straight ahead with open eyes with uncovered hair, with a natural expression on his face and closed mouth.

Contact details:
Poznań University of Life Sciences Doctoral School
Collegium Maximum, Main Hall
Wojska Polskiego 28, 60-637 Poznań, Poland
tel. +48618466195
mobile +48504498812

to know 'step by step' procedure, use this link